Causes of Urinary incontinence in men

The most common causes of urinary incontinence in men are:

Look after yourself!

Since many parts are responsible for the performance of the urinary system, the deficiency of one of those elements may influence the performance of the others. If the reason of urinary incontinence is the lowered elasticity of pelvic muscles, then their condition may be improved by performing some simple exercises called Kegel exercises.

Especially for you, we have prepared a set of simple exercises which can be done at work, at home, or anywhere you happen to be. Click here to see what they are. One can feel the positive impact of these exercises in a relatively short time.

Visit a doctor!

A vast number of men experience light incontinence. If you ignore the problem, then light incontinence might get worse. We also do not recommend trying to deal with urine loss with household methods.

If you experience urinary incontinence do not hesitate – consult a doctor to establish what the cause of your problem is in order to cure it. It often happens that men in their fifties experience asymptomatic prostate enlargement, and urine loss can be the only thing that may suggest that there are some changes in the lower urinary tract. Pharmacological treatment often brings positive results, however sometimes surgery is necessary.

Learn how to prepare for the visit to the doctor and why is it worth to use Seni Man bladder control pads for men to protect the underwear. You can also read about andropause and prostate enlargement – which are the most common problems causing urine loss in men.