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Did you know that 1 in 4 women experiences bladder leakage? It is possible not only to live with incontinence, but also enjoy the life and every day.

Bladder control pads for women

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We want every woman in India to have access to reliable knowledge about urinary incontinence, so that she knows where to seek support and how to deal with it.

Read a guide book 77 facts on (no) bladder control


Seni Control App

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Urinary diary is a practical tool thanks to which you will be able to observe your urine loss. Introducing information about daily meals and drinks, the amount of urine excreted, episodes of urinary incontinence and changes in absorbent products, you will receive a recommendation of products that can handle your incontinence.

Knowledge base

Incontinence doesn't concern only the elderly, but can occur in people of different age and sex. Learn more about female urine loss.

Because the skin will not protect itself

Specialist care:
- of dry and sensitive skin
- in the prevention of bedsores
- in urinary incontinence

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A well-chosen product means both the patient's comfort and less risk of serious pressure sores, as well as less work for the caregiver. Choose a product with our help.

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Choosing the right product is very important. That is why, we created a simple tool called "Diagnostics".

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