Privacy policy

Types of information gathered and used by TZMO

We do not collect personally identifiable information at the global Internet service of TZMO Capital Group – the user does not submit his personal details while visiting the service. However, it may be necessary for the user to supply personal information in particular cases. Types of information: name, surname, address or e-mail, education and professional experience, birth date, telephone number. Additionally the user can provide information of products he is concerned of and other information related with his lifestyle.

Use of information by TZMO

TZMO collects personal details concerning the visitors of the Internet service in order to provide information about products, services and promotions, carry market research or customer satisfaction research, conduct correspondence, allow to subscribe, or in cases when it is required by applications, and also when it is necessary for marketing operations conducted by TZMO Capital Group or by an independent entity at its order. Personal details are also gathered to develop cooperation with business partners and in order to send free products’ samples. Moreover, the users submit their personal data when applying for work in TZMO Capital Group.In some cases, particular Internet services of TZMO Capital Group can contain other notes concerning the way of using the service and the procedures concerning the use of information given there.


The Internet service of TZMO gathers information with use of so called "cookies". These are small bits of information concerning the visitor's preferences which can be erased or blocked by the user any time with adequate mechanisms built in every Web browser. We use them to enable the visitor to personalize the look of the WWW service and to improve the service utility. The temporary cookies do not hold any personally identifiable information.

Presentation of the offer

We give all effort to ensure that products presented in the Service are in permanent sale. However, short interruptions in deliveries may be possible. We reserve a possibility to change technical parameters and design of particular products that would not decrease quality or substantially influence the look and function of a selected item.

Confidentiality of information

Companies that belong to TZMO Capital Group do not disclose personally identifiable information concerning their customers to an unauthorized third party – it is used entirely at their own marketing purposes within the confines of TZMO Capital Group. We share information only with the contractors engaged to perform services on our behalf but we do not authorize these contractors to use or disclose any data, with exception of situations when it is necessary to perform the ordered services or when it is necessary to adjust to low regulations. We may disclose information of users when it is required by low.

Protection of personal data

Personal data provided by the user of this Service are protected in accordance with the Polish law. TZMO protects the gathered personally identifiable information from unauthorized disclosure, usage, modification or deletion by establishing of adequate procedures of security control in order to protect personal data we possess from any possible risk in accordance with the Act dated 29th of August 1997 of protection of personally identifiable information (Journal of Laws 2002 no 101 item 926).

Updating information of protection of personal data

This information of protection of personal data will be updated promptly after implementation of changes in our procedures concerning information. Using this Internet site the visitor agrees with the principles of this information of protection of personal data.


We give all effort to ensure that information gathered from you through the Internet is protected in the best possible way from unauthorized access and usage.

Update and erasing of personal data

The Service user has the right to have insight, delete or modify his personal data. Obtaining information concerning the personal data, update of them and erasing of them can be handled by sending a massage to the following address:

Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych S.A.

ul. Żółkiewskiego 20/26

87-100 Toruń


The application should contain the following information that will be used only for execution of the application: name, e-mail address, specification of the expected service (information of the kept personal data, their modification or erase).