Chafes & bedsores

Constant exposure to urine, higher temperature inside the diaper, and remaining in one position for a long time may quickly lead to skin irritation.

Symptoms of irritation

symptoms of irritation

  • burning sensation
  • itching
  • stinging sensation
  • feeling of tense skin
  • redness
  • exfoliation

In the case of people with limited mobility, and those who are bedridden (especially the people using diapers), the skin should be under constant observation, because its irritation may lead to dangerous chafes and bedsores.

Chafe Bedsore
Chafes develop when something (for example artificial materials) rubs against the skin, or when the folds of skin stick to each other for a long time causing an unpleasant skin condition. Raised temperature, moisture (urine, sweat), and blocked air supply make chafe development quicker. It is skin damage preceded by redness – it is an effect of prolonged pressure on the skin causing skin tissue ischemia. It can affect all the layers of the skin – from the epidermis to the hypodermis, and even down to the bone in the final stage of development.

What to keep in mind?

  • Proper skin care and following the basic rules of hygiene is absolutely crucial when looking after an ill or disabled person.
  • Using absorbent products which are breathable allow the skin to breathe, what diminishes the risk of skin irritation.
  • It is worth to wear breathable underwear and put on clothing made of natural materials which ensure air circulation and reduce the risk of skin irritation.
  • Do not belittle the presence of any signs of irritation – they can soon turn into painful skin conditions which are difficult to cure.

Employing bedsore preventive treatment is crucial in the case of people who use absorbent products to manage their urinary/faecal incontinence – it is really important if the person is bedridden. Skin care and observation of its condition play a crucial role.

Learn more about bedsore preventive treatment here.

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