Choosing the size

Correct selection is not only based on the category of a product, but also depends on its size.

Bad-fitting diaper may influence user’s health and increase the expenses.

A diaper that is too small will rub against the skin creating unpleasant chafes on the waist or in the groin, and may lead to skin irritation. This, especially in the case of the bedridden, may develop into wounds which are difficult to treat.

A diaper that is too big will not provide a close fit to the body, what generally leads to side leakages. This not only decreases the comfort of use but also raises the costs of bedclothes laundry.

It often happens that an oversized diaper is chosen, as it gives an impression of being more absorbent. Meanwhile, in order to get a product with higher absorbency one needs to choose a product that fits well, but is more absorbent.

Well fitting diaper ensures:

  • greater comfort of the user
  • less work with changing bedclothes
  • laundry cost reduction.

How to choose the right size?

It’s simple – in the case of bladder control pads or anatomically shaped pads pay attention to the required absorbency. In the case of absorbent products from the half-open and closed system use this readymade size calculator. This calculator will indicate the required size basing on 3 pieces of information.
  • Choose the product category you are interested in.
  • Provide the waist size.
  • Provide the hip size.

You can also use the size chart which can be found on each pack of Seni absorbent products.

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