Comfort of care

Looking after an ill person, especially a bedridden one, you need to involve a lot of energy into it. This is why it is necessary to organise the space around you, in order to eliminate possible obstacles, avoid straining your back or pulling your muscles etc, when you carry out the routine of all the things you do about the loved one. This will help you make the task easier and you will be able to use the time you devote to care more effectively.

A few words of advice on how to ensure the comfort of care for you and your loved one:

  • If the person you look after is partially independent ensure easy toilet access, or put a commode next to the bed. If that person is bedridden make sure you have an easy access to the bed. Depending on whether your loved one requires the use of diapers, uses a urinal / bed pan, or is catheterised, make sure that you have all the necessary accessories at hand.
  • Use special cosmetics to look after you loved one’s skin – these are specially designed to keep the skin in good condition, prevent it from drying, protect against irritation, and aid bedsore preventive treatment. If you look after the loved one’s skin properly you will avoid possible skin conditions, which are really difficult to cure especially in the case of those who are bedridden. What is more, proper skin care will make your loved one feel comfortable, fresh, and generally better.
  • Use washing skin care products that don’t require water – for example the 3 in 1 Seni Care wash cream. Using such products you can quickly clean the skin without the risk of getting the bed wet.
  • Using disposable hygienic products such as wash gloves, towels, etc. will make skin care easier. They are delicate for the skin, make it easier to apply the skin care products and you can simply throw them away after use.
  • It is worth using disposable bibs while feeding. They not only protect the clothes from getting dirty, but can also be used as a serviette to wipe the face.
  • Follow the rules of safe transfer when moving your loved one about. You will avoid strains and injuries for both of you. This will help you keep a healthy back as well.
  • Invest in special care equipment if you can afford it. You can also rent such equipment – usually medical shops provide such rental service. These aids include commodes, crutches, wheelchairs, walking frames, hoists, hospital type beds or slip mats used to help you move your loved one on the bed.
  • Try to obtain an anti bedsore mattress if the person you look after spends most of the time in bed – that will help prevent bedsores from developing.
  • Use soft bedclothes, and dress your loved one in clothing made of natural materials – that will prevent skin irritation which can develop into painful dermatitis, or in the case of bedridden people – bedsores. Natural materials prevent overheating, so the person wearing such clothes sweats less, what significantly improves his wellbeing.

Learn more about Seni Care skin care products and the disposable skin care products which make looking after your loved one’s skin easier.

You can find more about how to make looking after your loved one easier in the Practical advice section.

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