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Seni Air Comfort all-in-one diapers are an excellent and reliable protection dedicated both for active people and those with limited mobility.

physical condition mobile/immobile
incontinence level

All-in-one diapers Seni Air Comfort are a perfect solution for people with moderate and heavy level of incontinence. They ensure:

  • ideal adjustment to the body and great feeling of dryness (double elastic combi-tape fasteners)
  • quick and effective absorption (two anatomically shaped absorbent cores of cellulose pulp with SAP)
  • reduction of unpleasant smell
  • reliable protection in side leakages
  • free skin breathability
  • minimised risk of allergic reactions
  • possibility of multiple closing and opening

Seni Air Comfort may be used both in urinary and faecal incontinence. Seni Air Comfort all-in-one diapers have a vapour permeable outer layer in the central part and nonwoven on the hips area. Wetness indicator provides information about the necessity of changing a diaper.

Seni Air Comfort

product properties

available sizes

Size waist size (cm) pcs in a packaging
small 55 - 80 10
medium 75 - 110 10 / 30
large 100 - 150 10 / 30
extra large 130 - 170 10 / 30

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