Bedsores preventive treatment

What is a bedsore?

Bedsore is a skin condition arising from the exposure to the following factors:

  1. sweat
  2. urine
  3. wound exudation

What promotes bedsore development?

The most common places where bedsores occur

5 stages of bedsores

Bedsores are rated in stages – there are 5 depending on the level of development:

STAGE I – redness, which fades after eliminating the pressure; there is no skin damage.

STAGE II – redness which does not fade after relieving the pressure; surface swelling, skin erosion; painful epidermis injury.

STAGE III – deep skin damage reaching to the dermis (deeper skin structures); visible, swelling, rash; the bottom of the wound may be covered with dissolving tissue (yellow mass) or red granulation.

STAGE IV – the damage reaches down to the bone, skin necrosis occurs; dead tissue is present, and the bottom of the wound may be filled with black necrotic tissue.

STAGE V – this is the most advanced stage – necrosis reaches down to the muscles, what may lead to sepsis.

Bedsore preventive treatment

Healthy people, who are able to control their muscles, and are able to react to discomfort caused by pressure never develop bedsores. Their development in the case of people with limited mobility can be considerably reduced by following the rules of bedsore preventive treatment.

Do not ignore the symptoms

Skin redness, which doesn’t disappear after relieving pressure, blisters developing in the area under pressure, damaged epidermis – these symptoms should alert the carer. Constant skin observation is a crucial element of bedsore preventive treatment.

Try to eliminate risk factors

Use special bedsore preventive equipment

Try to activate your loved one as much as possible

Use skin care

Ensure healthy diet for the person you look after

If bedsores develop you need to consult a doctor immediately to plan the treatment. Treatment of bedsores takes time. It is a difficult process, however if you follow the doctor’s advice, it is possible to cure them.

Remember: the sooner you start to employ proper action, the quicker and more effective will be the treatment. Remember that it is easier to prevent, than cure.

You can find more information on proper skin care here. Get to know the practical advice for carers looking after their loved ones.

Comfort of care

Comfort of care

Looking after an ill person, especially a bedridden one, you need to involve a lot of energy into it. 

Shades of old age

Shades of old age

This is the final stage of life – it is an inevitable part of life which is going to be experienced by everyone, whose life wasn’t tragically interrupted in their youth. 


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