Bladder control pads for women

Seni Lady Slim Normal

for women

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Seni Lady Slim Normal bladder control pads designed for women who lead an active lifestyle, and praise comfort and security combined with discretion.

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Breathable, anatomically shaped Seni Lady Slim Normal bladder control pads are a perfect solution for women in light urinary incontinence ensuring:

  • Odour control – special granules (superabsorbent) that bond the odour inside the product
  • Additional protection – side gathers prevent from leakages
  • High absorbency – much more absorbent than sanitary pads and pantyliners
  • Feeling of dryness – Extra Dry System distributes moisture inside the pad
  • Skin-friendliness – let the skin breathe and are very soft
  • Softness and discretion – they don't rustle and are delicate to the skin
  • Easy fixing to underwear with an adhesive strip
  • Better protection in urinary incontinence than traditional period pads
Seni Lady Slim Normal

product properties

available sizes

Size DIMENSIONS pcs in a packaging
slim normal 10,5 X 28 CM 20

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Look after yourself

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